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Do any of these issues sound familiar to you?

No Display?
Flickering Image?
Visual Artifacts?
Loose HDMI Connection?

Your HDMI port may be broken, even if you cannot see any damage.

We can replace the port for you same-day!

Not Reading Discs?
Struggling to insert or eject discs?
Loud Grinding Sounds?

Your Disc Drive may be broken.

Don't Worry, It can happen.
They are mechanical parts and very prone to damage. But we can get it working again!

Loud Fans?
Overheating Warnings?
Random Crashing while Gaming?

Your Console may be Overheating.

Every device accumulates dust overtime.
All your console needs is a deep clean. We can do that same day!

Not turning on?
Error Messages?
No Internet?

Your Console may be experiencing a complex issue.
Not to worry, our expert team with over 10 years of experience can diagnose what is happening and get it working again.

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